Oct. 14th, 2009

terribleturnip: (percy)
I am distraught that I didn't think of this. DISTRAUGHT.

The comments are priceless. There are a lot of adult-themed..."lovelies" so you may not want to make with the clicky if your screen is in a very public area. (Edit: Whoa. I just checked out today's posting. If you're sensitive...or eating, you may want to wait until later today, so the Heinousness is not the first thing you see. It's Horrible in several dimensions -- the rest of the site is not that bad...)


Go ahead, keep from scrolling back to see them all. Bet you can't. And you shouldn't. Although, I have to admit, there are a couple of things on here that frankly, were tempting and one that I even had bookmarked in a half-hearted kind of way...

Because I just had a horrifying vision of someone out there thinking that it was maybe the wooden paddle candleholder or the bird man art....I will confess that Fetal Rat in Altoid tin was tempting, although it was the artist's other works that I'd bookmarked. And Trout in a Squirrel Suit. Really. Who can resist squirrel stigmata? Thank goodness I'm on a budget!
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