Jul. 9th, 2009

terribleturnip: (pirate)
In honor of my boss calling me a "walking HR nightmare" last week, I give you this week's installment in the series "Technically it was after hours, so no one can write me up":

In the middle of a table discussion on who played baseball/softball in high school or college, and in particular, whether you were any good at hitting a curveball or not, I said "Oh, if it's not attached to a man, I couldn't hit a ball to save my life."

Hey, it ended the really boring baseball conversation....

...you won't LIKE me when I'm BORED...
terribleturnip: (pirate)
Earlier today a co-worker came around the corner and scared me. And as some of you know, my Indian name would be "Startles Easily". So I said "Ack, Tom, you almost made me scream." And he said "Been a while since a man made you scream, huh?" And I said, pointedly looking at the nonexistent watch on my wrist "Well, about 12 hours."

Hey. He started it.

In other news...because really, I do have more going on in my life than non-PC work utterances, although they do provide quick and amusing LJ fodder, which seems to be all I've had time for lately )
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