Jun. 9th, 2009

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Pardon me while I revel in my myrmecan geekiness:


Oh. My. God. Isn't it amazing? It's got something stuck in its "teeth" and a dusty butt. And we can see it. And it's just a little ant.

This is why I never stay depressed or stressed out for too long. It's all worth it, just to have been able to see that.

(Some of you are thinking...uh, you could take it easy, chill, do less, be less stressed out and you STILL would have been able to see that, Mere. Shut up. Don't make me commission someone to make me a steel ant mandible based on that picture. Because it could be your nose stuck there between those mandible ridges...)
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So, today at work I've had to run several personal paper analyses. Basically taking a look at what Hotel Brand Unnamed is using for toilet & facial tissue, paper towels, what it costs them, what they could save by switching brands, suppliers, types, etc.

But, of course, I'm juggling multiple projects and have a lot of things open on my desktop at any one time. Which means that my task bar thingy at the bottom of my computer screen lists a lot of things.

Which means a couple of times today I've looked down and the bottom of my screen has read: "Hotel Brand Tissue Anal" or "Hotel Brand Towel Anal".

And I giggle everytime. It's 3:45 and now, in true 8 year old dork ADD fashion, I find myself dicking around with what do I have to open and close, what do I have to title the document in order to get a full bottom screen run of "anal"....

My only excuse is that we had a birthday party an hour ago, and they had ice cream cake, so that's encouraging my regression.

But seriously. 46 years old and this is what makes me snicker. My inner dork. Buried, but not forgotten.
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