Jan. 14th, 2009

terribleturnip: (pirate)
All of the topics roaming around in my head are long ones and I'm juggling too many plates right now to devote the time to them they deserve.

So, that's when I turn to my strange post-it note jottings. Strange, because I pull them out days, weeks, months later and think "what?" Admittedly, my internal language is bit more salty, as we've seen when my internal editor goes walkabout. (Stopped myself yesterday...just BARELY...from a "So, who do I have to blow to get invited to the hockey game". Not that I was interested in going to the hockey game, but my head, ever in pursuit "leaving 'em speechless" high, really wanted to see how long it would take my boss to recover.

Anyway, half the time I can't read what I wrote, or can't understand what my damn point was. ,lj-cut text="So I'm left with this:">

Found myself watching a police officer in a store, thinking "how can he move around and do his job with all of that stuff hanging of his belt?". Until I realized that for near half the weekends of the year, I spend all day with two-three pouches, gloves, handkerchiefs, a tankard, and alternatively a belaying pin or dog leashes hanging about my waist. Oh, and my boobs jacked up to under my chin. Maybe not as hard to deal with it as I thought. Although, I'm hoping your average police officer is better at getting in and out of a car, without getting something caught on something, causing a near faceplant on the pavement, or that spectacular "jerk back into the car" as if the monster in the back seat decided I wasn't getting out after all.

The amount of time it will take me to learn that the road is all torn up on my way out of work, covered in dirt, broken concrete and construction equipment and really, it would be a lot shorter to take the long way around: one day before completion of the project.

The advantage to having a wimpy temperature sensitive greyhound: he doesn't want to be outside walking, either.

Chocolate and Hazelnuts are like kryptonite to me. I celebrated my four pound weight loss this past week by succumbing to the siren call of a Ritter milk chocolate and hazelnut bar. Idiot.
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