Jan. 12th, 2009

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I will admit it, I don't get snooze alarms. No, wait, that's not really true. Mine is enabled and I use it as a back-up, in case I fall asleep in the midst of pulling off covers, or removing a cat from my chest. It's happened - and I've been damn glad that it was there for me.

There was a time, when I was younger, and there were pterodactyls and stuff, when I would use the time between alarm and snooze alarm, to contemplate the day, muse on what I would accomplish that day.
But then I grew up )
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This piece actually got a belly laugh out of my inner misanthrope. I envy both the writing and the keen aim. And the punishments are divine.

Don't start huffing and puffing when they attack one of your favorite people -- for starters, this is delightfully even-handed, for seconders, don't be an idiot. To imagine that everyone on YOUR side of an issue is pure and everyone on the other side is evil...that's just....well, make sure you check out #43.


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