Nov. 20th, 2009

terribleturnip: (percy)
(Why do I use that LOLspeak? It makes me freaking only consolation is that I think I was doing phrases like that BEFORE any cat went cheeseburger begging on the internet.)

No, I'm not talking about on me. I mean, I've got those, too. Thanks to Danish blubber skin and a bunch of extra pounds (take THAT, skinny crows-footed chicks!) I'm less wrinkled than many of my same-age cohort. Despite several misguided years seeking tans, working as a lifeguard, dismissing hats and sunglasses.

Damn. I'd probably look half my age, if I stayed my un-sunned natural jaundiced-white skin tone. Oh, well, I could probably REMEMBER things if I hadn't pickled half my brain. Ah, regrets. )
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