Sep. 18th, 2009

terribleturnip: (percy)
Holey Moley.

I tried that without the "y" on the end of Moley, because I wanted to do a food pun. But then it looked like I worshipping Moles. So I put an extra "e" in Holy, since, by default, I make fun of religion, but then it just looked like I had a defective Mole. With holes. Which made me sad, because moles are sort of sad anyway. But then I thought of my dermatologist appointment last week and then went from small grey burrowing creatures to imminent cancer and all the fun dribbled out the holes so I put an "e" and a "y" on everything. In case you were wondering. Maybe I'd better try again.

Sweet Cheese of Jesus, I hurt. I stole that from a writer and I don't remember who, so I won't desecrate it )
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