Sep. 10th, 2009

terribleturnip: (willow)
As someone who lives in the town that once banned Santa Claus, my sympathies go out to the majority of Flintshire-ites who are squirming with embarrassment and outrage at the spineless wonders/uptight prudes who, rather than calling out someone for expressing themselves a la third grade/having a sense of humor, or simply rolling their eyes and reveling in their correctness of their misanthropy, decided to change the name of a beloved British tradition:

Although, name aside, it's a nasty dessert anyway, and I consider it a character flaw that people are still eating it. Sponge with sultanas more properly describes its insipid horribleness. Spotted Dick always sounded like it would be fun to eat. Till I ate it. And it was nasty. (This is me, pulling out my misanthropy and loosening up my eyeballs so that I'm properly prepared for the comments.)
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