Aug. 8th, 2009

terribleturnip: (willow)
Which is a horribly cliched way to title this post -- but yardwork calls and no one's paying me by the word here, so go ahead. Judge me.

Been pondering on a post, where a lovely friend was worried that she was prejudiced for being surprised that a Hispanic worker she deals with spoke some Chinese. And at first, I thought, well, you're carrying the same prejudices I am, except that I don't think it's racist, so much as classist. Sorry, but put you in a suit and tie with a briefcase and I'm going to assume that you are more likely to speak a second language -- especially a non-common second language -- than someone in jeans, a ratty t-shirt and mud on his boots. Actually, I would be suprised to find anyone I knew spoke Chinese. Except for a Chinese person. Although, I would STILL be surprised to hear Chinese out of someone's mouth, because I automatically assume that the Asian person in front of me is American, anymore. Or maybe Korean. If they're older.

(By "American" I mean you were probably born here, have been speaking English your whole life/long enough that you don't have an accent and now, in my head, you're Korean, or French, the way I'm German or Danish.)

for brevity and full disclosure, this is thoughtful, not that funny, so don't be disppointed. )
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