Mar. 18th, 2009

terribleturnip: (percy)
I guess "This week" is a bit of an oversell. I should call it "that caught my fancy recently, well, at least at a time when I had a few minutes to think and post".

But I'm working on brevity, if not honesty.

For starters, I'm relieved that, apparently, the Universe is a crappy housekeeper too: "Galactic Dust Bunnies Contain Carbon After All"

Of course, it makes me a little less sanguine about my own dust bunnies, since my jokes about making a whole new cat from them, fall a little flat...if your thoughts tend to run amok as mine often do. After all if there's carbon, the keystone of life, that could eventually arise into new life forms, in those dust bunnies...suddenly the "whole new cat" thing becomes a little less funny, a little more ominous.

Because after all, I've always thought that "dust bunny" was just a little too fey, a little too harmless. Cute little bunny. At least dust rabbit. A bunny is what you cuddle, what you "awwww" over, what is featured on cute things. Rabbits can go either way -- eat your whole damn garden, or BE eaten. The dust rabbits could consume my whole house or...nah, the analogy fails, since I am not crafty enough to make the dust rabbits useful by WEAVING them or felting them or some other crafty thing that surely someone has a freaking blog about.

I called them dust buffalo for a while, since size-wise that made more sense and they certainly tended to roam about the house in, quiet, herds. And while for a long time I yearned for the white man to show up and slay them into oblivion to no avail...I did eventually get the Captain, who's done his share. But they are far more prolific than any damn Bison.

So I settled on Drifts. Cat Drifts. After all, they collect up in corners, along edges, just like snow. And if you get a lot of it, it can bury you and you will die. Although I hear that freezing to death is not all that unpleasant, once you get beyond the OMG, I'm gonna die and I can't feel my fingers and toes part. Whereas, smothering by Cat Drifts...well, it would really have to sneak up on you to avoid the whole hacking and choking thing.

But the failure of that analogy has coincided with the discovery of the Galactic Dust Bunny Carbon (tag, MY band name) so now I can feverishly work on coming up with a new one. One that takes into account the lurking possibility that through some quirky swirl of molecules, life could appear!

Or, I could just vaccuum.
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